May 12

Things Kids say

By Ken | Nicholas

As I was talking to our 5 year old grandson yesterday on the phone he started breathing heavy and I say “What were you doing? You sound like you’re out of breath.” He responded, “That’s silly Papa, then I’d be dead.”

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Apr 03

Stained Glass Studio Ready to Go

By Sharon | Our Home

Everything has arrived safely in Hawaii and the Stained Glass Studio is ready to operate again. We only take orders for custom stained glass pieces. We will do small to large. Our specialty is custom window pieces for china cabinets, kitchen cabinet doors, transom windows and entertainment cabinets. We will design for you working off […]

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Feb 14

It’s Cold in New Hampshire!

By Ken | Our Home

Brrrrr…. We had some freezing rain yesterday that did a good job coating the trees with ice. The blueberry bushes in the front yard got a nice coating. Look at those trees sparkle in the sun with all the ice! No wonder some parts lost power yesterday and today.

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Jan 03

A slice of paradise

By Ken | Our Home

A Big move is in progress! We’re leaving the New England countryside and heading for Hawaii. This is a shot of our new home in Ke`aau, HI (pronounced Kay-ow). Keaau is on the Island of Hawaii near Hilo. It’s the wet side of the Island about 90 minutes from Kona by car. It’s been a […]

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Nov 03

New Shop Coming

By Sharon | Store

We’re beginning to set up our internet shop for Watercolor Originals and Prints and Turned Wood Bowls, Bottle Stoppers and Pens. New items will continue to be added but once the watercolor prints are gone in a certain painting and size there won’t be anymore until Summer of 2008 or later. We’re moving our studio […]

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