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Jun 23

Picasa Album Uploader v0.4 Released!

By Ken | Software

It’s finally out.  After a number of fits and starts there’s a new version of the uploader available that has two key features. Requires Permalinks be enabled. Enhances error reporting and debugging messages Additional debugging is turned on from the Admin -> Media settings screen.  Picasa is very picky about how things work and has […]

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Apr 19

Picasa Album Uploader 0.4 coming soon

By Ken | Software , wordpress

I’ve been making slow progress on some updates to the Picasa Album uploader.  After a fair amount of trial and error I’ve come to the conclusion that at least for right now the use of permalinks in the site configuration is required for the plugin to function with the Picasa Desktop.  The Picasa Desktop application […]

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