Puma Studios is the name of our Art Studio.  Art works by Kenneth Brucker and Sharon E. Russell are sold through this site.  From time to time we might also list objects from our artistic friends as guest artists.  The blog and photo galleries are random musings and images of a more personal nature.  We live on the Big Island of Hawai’i and draw much of our inspiration from our immediate surroundings.  We hope you love our work and decide to bring a piece of us into your home.

Some materials we work with have natural defects, color variations or other characteristics that are intrinsic to the object, material or result from being hand made. Materials used might come from different dye lots or otherwise differ in size or shape because we are working with natural or hand-made items. We find that these natural variations bring charm and character to each piece, making each truly unique.

We do our best to photograph details however color can not be guaranteed to be accurately reproduced on your screen.

For any questions, concerns or issues about this website or our art, please send us an E-mail at sales@pumastudios.com.  As long as your e-mail isn’t captured by our spam filters, we typically respond within 1 to 2 days.