Picasa Album Uploader v0.4 Released!

By Ken | Software

Jun 23

It’s finally out.  After a number of fits and starts there’s a new version of the uploader available that has two key features.

  1. Requires Permalinks be enabled.
  2. Enhances error reporting and debugging messages

Additional debugging is turned on from the Admin -> Media settings screen.  Picasa is very picky about how things work and has very poor error reporting making it difficult to determine what has gone wrong.  The additional debugging should help me isolate problems when they are reported.

To download the latest version, visit the plugin home page:

I have not had the time to download and test with WordPress v3.o.  If you do give it a try, please let me know how it goes!

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Travis Phipps 9 years ago

I’m really grateful for this awesome plugin, but I’ve had a consistent issue recently that I can’t figure out. Hoping you can help.

A couple months ago, my webhost server crashed and they had to rebuild. They restored all data, but since that time, I can’t use this plugin. Every time I try, I get a message saying Picasa did not provide any files. If I’m not logged in, I get the error after login (no preview images). If I’m already logged in, I see the preview images and select the correct size, but when I submit that form, I get the ‘no files’ message. I’ve tweaked every setting I can imagine in the php.ini file, but I just don’t see the $_FILES array being populated on the actual upload page. Any ideas?

    Ken 8 years ago

    Travis – Please check out my latest post. Your symptom sounds just like what another user was experiencing that we figured out in the last few days.

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