Driving Government Beach Rd.

By Ken | Hawaii

Jun 03

Driving Government Beach Rd. is not for the faint of heart

After a day of snorkeling at the Kapoho Tide Pools, Sharon suggested we see what the road back home via the Government Beach Rd. was like. On some earlier exploring we had started from the north and quickly determined that the road was too intense for the miata. Since we had the Truck this time plus Nick and Angel visiting, it seemed like a good time to explore.

Things started out fine.  A very passable dirt road going through some varied terrain.  At times we were driving through old lava flows with little in the way of vegetation, and sometimes more lush and heavily wooded areas.  We were probably about half way along the road when things started to get…  well… tricky.

Between the vegetation closing in on both sides and above and the road going from passable to 4WD mandatory it quickly became clear that maybe this wasn’t a great idea.  The challenge was that by the time things got to the point of very close vegetation we had already traveled some tricky spots with no easy way to turn around.  So forward we went.  And the plants just kept getting closer.  Sharon and Angel would be screaming that I’m scraping branches on their side, while if I moved over any I’d be scraping a different set on my side.  I’m quite happy we never had to figure out what to do if we came on someone heading the other direction!

At one point the passenger side mirror got a good whack and closed up against the side of the truck.  No damage but it sure started everyone.  Through it all, the car was tipping and rocking as I navigated over sometimes quite uneven terrain making it seem that we were going to tip over in the bush.  We passed a number of abandoned cars off the side of the road that the forest was well on the way to reclaiming.  Did they make a similar attempt to navigate this road and this would be our fate too?

After driving through some very close brush, we came up to an open section.  There was a barbed wire fence to the right and giant grass 10-15′ high on the left that conspired to make the next part of the road appear undrivable.  Undaunted, or perhaps commited, we carried on, tall grass that made the road all but obscured on the left and barb wire dangerously close to causing some serious damage on the right.  A few hundred yards later, things opened back up and we were back to just having close brush and rough roads.  Once we reached Hawaiian Beaches the road opened back up.  It was still a bumpy road between Hawaiian Beaches and Hawaiian Paradise Park, but nothing like what we went through up to that point.

So word from the now wiser island explorers…  Don’t drive Government Beach Rd if you like your paint job.  Most of the scratches should buff out.

I need to take a mountain bike down the road to get some better pictures along the way.  We were too into the experience to take much in the way of pictures.  The shot here is the only one we took and while it does give a feel for the heavy plant life, the road in this section was very drivable.

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